Control Food Cravings by Tapping Them Away

Want a quick way to beat or control food cravings? Just tap, tap, tap them away!

Paul McKenna, the British diet expert who says you can "eat what you want, when you want" and still lose weight, offers this trick to control food cravings:

The next time you have the urge to gorge on your favorite food or simply on whatever happens to be in the fridge, then...

...just tap your body and roll your eyes in the following order:

  1. Lightly tap ten times on your cheek under one eye, then...

  2. Tap ten times on your collar bone, then...

  3. Tap ten times under your eye again, then...

  4. Tap ten times on the side of your opposite hand, then...

  5. Whirl your eyes 360 degrees (holding your head still), then...

  6. Whirl your eyes 360 degress the other way.

Then repeat...

All this tapping and whirling may seem like a crazy gimmick to distract you from the food, but McKenna claims these motions reprogram your brain to stop the craving and emotional eating.

In the 9-minute video below, McKenna explains his eating rules and the tapping technique. He talks about tapping at minute 6 if you want to skip ahead.

If you've never seen McKenna in action, watch the entire thing. His diet plan is simple, and the stories of people who have dropped 100+ pounds are remarkable.

I've seen several of McKenna's regular episodes on TV. His show is called I Can Make You Thin.

Check out the show if it's televised in your area. It's fascinating to watch, and you might learn some easy and effective fat-loss habits.

But don't forget to tap and whirl your cravings away in the meantime!

Emotional Freeing Technique

Not only can you control food cravings, you can actually relieve stress with tapping. Some of us eat in response to stress, so reducing the feeling of stress can help with weight control.

This video by Michael Richmond demonstrates the Emotional Freeing Technique (EFT), similar to the tapping pattern Paul McKenna uses. Michael's pattern is slightly different but quite easy to learn.

The science behind tapping involves accupressure points. It's not random at all, and research shows it is effective.

If you're looking to control cravings of any kind (not just food) or relieve stress and calm your mind, I highly encourage you to watch Michael's short video and memorize the tapping pattern he describes.


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