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You Need a Strong Motivation to Lose Weight

Motivation is the key to losing weight and keeping it off.

Suppose you already know how to eat healthy. You know which vitamins and supplements to take.

You own every aerobic workout video, and you've tried every cardio and weight-training exercise experts recommend.

BUT - if you aren't motivated to put that information into continuous practice, it is useless!

If you don't have strong reasons to lose weight, then you can't set proper goals. Even worse, you won't build the willpower to do the hard things that must be done.

How to Lose Weight (Really)

Here's my formula for how you can lose all the weight you want to lose:

Ultimate Weight Loss Formula

Motivation → Willpower → Goals + Knowledge → Habits → Weight Loss!

Use motivation to build willpower. Use the willpower to not only set goals and learn weight-loss strategies, but to embed the strategies into your lifestyle permanently.

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Weight loss doesn't happen overnight. It's a journey. Without motivation, you won't be able to go the distance. Why? Because everything that got you overweight in the first place is still out there, a constant temptation to backslide.

Forces Working Against You

Motivation is your weapon against the forces in society conspiring to make you fat.

The TV commercials for calorie-stuffed snack food. The fattening items on restaurant menus. The nutrient-lacking teaser products on grocery store isles. Peer pressure to partake in bad eating patterns. Peer pressure to skip exercise and do something "fun" instead. Stressful situations that can trigger binge eating. The list goes on and on.

Many negative influences want you fat! But guess what? You can overcome them. I did. Lots of people have done it.

Begin by GETTING MOTIVATED. That is Step Number One if you want any chance of losing a significant amount of weight and keeping it off.

Want Motivation? Identify REALLY GOOD REASONS to Lose Weight

How does someone who isn't currently motivated actually get motivated to lose weight? Just telling themselves, "I really should lose some weight" isn't enough. That isn't strong. That isn't powerful.

Instead, find very strong reasons why you need to be thinner. Reasons that include wonderful benefits. Benefits that makes sense with who you are as a person and what you want out of life. Reasons that resonate with your soul.

Below are some motivation-creating epiphanies, or realizations of truth, that have worked for many people. WHICH ONES RING TRUE FOR YOU?

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  • Your Quality of Life. When you're overweight, you put extra stress on your joints and other parts of your body. You get tired sooner. Climbing stairs can be exhausting. It's hard to get a good night's sleep. Even getting out of bed can take an act of Congress. Why not eliminate a host of daily pains and annoyances by shedding the extra pounds?

  • Your Relationships. Tired of being ignored by the cute guy or gal in the room? If you're looking for a new relationship, or want to improve an existing one, getting in shape can help you attract the special attention you might need.

  • Your Self-Esteem. There is no better gift you can give yourself than to wake up in the morning feeling strong, energetic, refreshed, CONFIDENT, and eager to start the new day.

  • Your Career. People who've lost a significant amount of weight often enjoy more energy and physical endurance. This can translate to success at work, as you'll be able to tackle more challenges before running out of steam.

  • Long Life. Are you at risk for heart disease or diabetes? For many people, being overweight leads to an early demise. It's a fact. Lose the weight, live longer. What a simple yet powerful idea. And if you have children or grandchildren, don't you want to be around as long as possible?

  • Pure Vanity. Yes, even vanity can provide strong motivation. Lose the weight, and you may look more attractive at the beach or swimming pool. Perhaps you'll be able to fit into more stylish clothing, and strangers may look on you with admiring glances. What's not to like about that?

Think carefully. Which sources of motivation get you EXCITED about the idea of losing weight and getting in shape?

Adopt those reasons. Make them your own. Take ownership of the reasons and benefits that work for you. Use them to create willpower.

Nurture your new-found motivation every day. Celebrate each victory to help keep your motivation strong.

Motivated? Good, Now Set Your Goals

Next you'll need to set specific goals. What size jeans do I want to fit into? What should I weigh? Is my ultimate goal to get into a two-piece swimsuit, or would I be ecstatic to get my blood pressure down to a normal range?

Everyone has a different vision. Customize your own list of motivational reasons and goals for losing weight to fit your situation.

Don't skip goal setting. Goals are critical. How can you win the race if you don't know where the finish line is?

Next: Weight-Loss Knowledge & Habits

Once you've written down your goals, determine which weight-loss strategies you need to make into habits to reach those goals. This involves learning the principles of a healthy diet and exercise.

Join an established program like Weight Watchers or Nutrisystem where the weight-loss strategies are already organized and explained for your benefit, or start from scratch and design your own custom weight-loss program.

Habits are nothing more than patterns we follow every day. Habits are hard to form and require willpower to maintain. But establishing a set of healthy, powerful habits can literally transform your life.

Get on the road to transformation now, by clearly identifying the reasons why you need to lose weight. Keep these reasons in the front of your mind at all times!

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