Prepare Fully Cooked Rice in Just 90 Seconds with Uncle Bens Rice

Uncle Bens Rice is a life saver. Thanks to them, I'm eating more healthy brown and wild rice than ever.

Not because I found out that these two are healthier than white rice (I already knew that). But because Uncle Bens has made it possible to cook the rice in only 90 seconds, without boiling water and with no mess!

The secret is Uncle Ben's "Ready Rice". Ready Rice is microwaveable rice in a bag. No need to add water. Just nuke it and you're done.

I am a lazy cook. I don't like to boil water if I can avoid it, so in the past I would almost never cook rice. Now it's so easy that I eat rice several days a week.

Uncle Ben's Ready Rice makes the process of
cooking rice incredibly easy

Uncle Bens rice

Making a healthy rice dish with Ready Rice is a snap. I can make a tasty tuna and rice in about two minutes, for example. I simply microwave the Ready Rice and add a can of tuna (plus a dash of hot sauce because I like it spicy). A healthy, quick meal.

According to Uncle Ben's, their brown and wild rice is:

  • Cholesterol free

  • Has zero grams of trans fat

  • No saturated fat

  • Natural source of fiber, B-vitamins, and Iron

  • Low sodium

In case you find plain rice a little boring, Ready Rice comes in a few varieties:

  • Whole Grain Brown (the plain variety)

  • Long Grain & Wild

  • Sante Fe (my favorite - it has wheat, tomatoes, black beans, corn, peppers, and spices mixed in with the brown rice)

  • Brown & Wild

  • Vegetable Harvest

The plain brown rice is a little bland for my taste unless mixed in a recipe. But the other varieties taste wonderful even with nothing else added.

I've emphasized that you can microwave this rice, but you can also cook it in a skillet if you prefer. There are instructions for this on the package.

Be sure to check the Uncle Ben's website for free recipes and coupons. If you're not eating brown and wild rice, I suggest you give Uncle Bens rice a try!

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