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Quick Weight Loss Tip: Get the Junk Food Out

This is an obvious quick weight loss tip, but many people serious about losing weight haven't yet removed the junk food from their pantry and fridge. Get the junk food out!

If you want to shed pounds, get rid of all that fattening food. I know, you spent money on that stuff. So give it away, then, to someone who isn't trying to lose weight right now.

I ask you: why keep ice cream in the freezer, a cake on the counter, and candy in a dish, when you know it's just going to spark a craving for something sweet? That's like a recovering alcoholic keeping bottles of booze in plain sight. Not helpful.

Know why getting the bad food out of your house is such a great weight loss tip? Because junk-food binging can ruin real progress you might be making with your diet.

Why increase the chance of this happening by keeping the bad foods anywhere in reach? At least replace the worst foods with somewhat healthier junk food substitutes.

This Quick Weight Loss Tip Supports All Your Other Dieting Efforts

Think about it. You use willpower most of day, eating as healthy as you can and maybe even exercising. Then in the evening you see that big bag of Doritos in the pantry and whammo, you just overshot your calories for the day.

Whenever you're tempted to overindulge in fatty, sugary foods recite this mantra to yourself:

Sure, that food might taste good, but if I eat it, I am going to wear it.

That short phrase, in itself, is a great tip for losing weight. Those chips, cookies, ice cream aren't going to build muscle or burn fat. They're just going to add fat to your problem areas. Belly, arms, thighs, whichever your problem area is.

quick weight loss tip
Get the junk food out

I actually visualize the piece of pie going straight to my belly fat area. Which it more or less does, especially if the pie tips the scales into a calorie surplus for that day.

When I think about it that way, I'm almost always able to avoid eating foods like that or at least consume them in moderation. In most situations, it's no crime to say, "no thank you" or "just a small piece, please."

I'm not saying someone who wants to lose weight can never eat treats. I eat ice cream, cake, fries, etc. Just not very often. One of the secrets of losing weight is you can eat these foods and not get fatter, but ONLY if you eat them rarely.

If you are at a birthday party, by all means have a slice of cake (but not two or three). On regular days, see if you can go without fattening or sugary snacks.

That's why keeping junk food in your house can so easily sabotage your weight loss efforts. The temptation to "just have a bite" can be too great.

And often it can turn into much more than single bite. As the Lay's commercial says, "Bet you can't eat just one." Especially during moments of weakness or distraction, like when you are emotionally upset, or mesmerized watching TV, or just overly tired.

I've posted lots of quick weight loss tips on my website. But getting the junk food out of your house is a tip that's especially easy to follow, once you've made up your mind to do it. And it's an important step that can keep you on the path on your journey to lose weight.

Take action today, and throw or give away your stockpile of unhealthy, fattening foods. When it comes to junk food, "out of sight, out of mind" literally means out of belly!

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